Welcome to Panacea toolkit

In Greek mythology, Panacea is the goddess of Universal health and remedy. Lets hope Panacea toolkit will cure your problem. It was created with intention to ease preprocessing of health care data and improve efficiency of further data mining. Currently only single component of the toolkit is available.

MeanDrug component

The data analysis could be misleading if medical prescriptions are supplied to the data mining algorithm as is. Various brand (proprietary) names of the same medication confuse the model. In order to reduce redundancy in the metadata, I deployed web application converting proprietary names of drugs to their pharmacological classes or to their generic (nonproprietary) names.

What is coming next?

I am currently working on extending Panacea with new component ICD9&CPTconvert which will convert diagnosis codes (ICD-9) and procedure codes (CPT) into their full descriptions. Instead of doing such conversion one by one, code will be working on the list of codes.