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Art and design
I strongly believe that art should belong to everyone. Appreciation of the art is similar to the wine or cheese culture. The more you experience, the deeper its understanding and appreciation. My the most strongest impression on the power of the art I experienced during  my first visits to The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. It was not that kind of exhibitions of classical art everyone attends during their school trips to museum. It was actual Modern Art badly criticized these days back home. It was nothing beautiful in it, nothing familiar, nothing to adore. By the time I walked in the last room, the whole message formed in my head from isolated scenes I saw at each level. And this was first time when i realized that art is not necessary should be beautiful painting of the smiling female. Art could be cruel and ugly, and powerful sometimes.  I stopped thinking that art is the something sophisticated and specific to fancy places.  Art and beauty should be on everyone’s dining table every other day, on sidewalk, in parks, or on cover of any journal. Speaking of which… have a look at some of my designs for conference books and scientific journals covers.

As a person of eastern European origin i tend to think that charity in typical form of money donation to some fund is not satisfying enough. Charity has to go directly from me to good people in need. No third party should be involved. This is why i started to build houses as a volunteer for Habitat For Humanity in Jackson, MS. However, with age I concluded that comfort is less important than health is. Now my free time is dedicated to health care.