Web Applications

From time to time I see limitations of sharing research in form of publications. Especially when research has badly interdisciplinary character. By badly I mean cases when I, as theoretician, derived something meaningful to experimentalists or people from other fields only.  It is always fun to publish something no one did before you. The novelty is there but it is spoiled with aftertaste of uselessness for the rest of the world. Trust me, it is much more fun to implement novelty into actual working application accessible for others.

Currently I am developing applications to assist discovery process of wet lab chemists and material scientists. I developed two online tools for prediction of Seebeck coefficient, and Bulk modulus. Tools were developed based on experimentally measured properties of materials, and materials processing information (Seebeck coefficient), as well as supervised machine learning techniques.

Medical data pre-processing tool is currently under development. In future my work will be extended to wide spectrum functional tool kit meant to assist data manipulations done by health care data analysts.